A1可以。 PR記錄儀是萬能輸入,支持熱電阻、熱電偶;標準電流信號(比如 4-20mA),標準電壓信號(比如0-5V)
A2Yes. It is compatible with FDA 21CFR Part11 with plus 1 firmware.
A3Yes. It is possible to calculate dry bulb and wet bulb temperature by using Math channel.
A4Yes. It is possible to calculate F0 value by using Math channel.
A5Yes. USB Barcode reader also can be used for data entry using USB port on the recorder.
A6The recorder is having high quality touch screen for the user interface. However USB Keyboard and Mouse can be connected using USB port on the recorder.
A7Yes. The recorder support batch function.
A8There are 8, 20 and 21 display pages available with PR10, PR20 and PR30 respectively.
A9PR10 and PR20 can display up to 6 pens/page.PR30 can display up to 10 pens/page.
A10Yes. The recorder support FTP function.
A11Yes. The recorder will support Email for alarm.
A12Yes. The recorder will support the summer time adjustment.


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