DAQ V2.7


Data Acquistion Studio release Version 2.70
1.Support PR v1.60 or before version.
2.Support VR18 v2.37 or later version.
3.Support Smart I/O v0.17 or before version.
4.Support I/O card v2.1 or before version.
5.Support C series controller C72, C42, C82, C83, R22, C42-P, C72-P, C82-P, C83-P v5.0 and C22, C62, R22 v12.0 and RSC, NC30 v1.0 or later.
6.Support controller 2500, 4300, 8300, 9300, L41, L91, 4100, 7100, 8100, 9100, C21, C91, P41, P91, NC200, WP10.
7.Support L series controller L22,L42,L62 v1.0 or later.
8.Update Historical Viewer v4.70
9.Add new function: add sync up the time for logging Data and Alarm/Event on DAQ.
Historical Viewer V4.7


Historical Viewer release version 4.70

1.Support PR v1.60 or before version.

2.Add new function: add new display marker list.

3.Add new function: add new display marker for trend and circular.

4.Add new function: add marker list configure for Configure Viewer.

5.Add new function: add marker list edit for Configure Viewer.

6.Add new function: add new job select marker and log marker for Configure Viewer.

7.Modify function: modify the print value list value range.

8.Modify function: modify the print title length for tag name.

9.Modify function: modify the print report length for tag name.


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