We have continued to innovate and pursue excellence since 1977. We keep developing four product lines_ Temperature Controller, HMI, Recorder and IO modules. Brainchild has excellent research and develop capabilities, and has obtained a number of domestic and foreign technological patents. To be the top industrial controller equipment manufacturers is our goal, and that will be company's achievements and pride to all of the Brainchild’s managers and workers.
"All of the Brainchild members are an invaluable asset." Along the way, the company attaches great importance to internal talent cultivation and market talent recruitment, which makes us a lean and effective organization team, which can provide our customers with fast and effective solutions for products and technologies, which makes us famous in the global industry. At the same time, the company's performance has grown steadily year by year

Faced with the popularity of cloud technology in the future, the use of the Internet of Things, the analysis of extensive data, and the advent of the industry 4.0 era, these external environmental changes have given Brainchild Electronics more room and opportunity to develop, through existing product features and interfaces. Series, optimization and upgrade, while developing a more powerful and broader product and system platform, allows our customers to upgrade the process in the most efficient and economical way without fear of changes in the external environment, to achieve the ideal of smart factories.

In addition to the development of smart factory-related controller equipment, in recent years, Brainchild Electronics has begun to develop smart home-related control equipment, and at the end of 2015, it first launched two products, the smart door lock and the smart doorbell, from the "industrial control field" to In the "home sector", we rely on the accumulation of past experience and technology and the persistence and confidence in quality, combined with increasingly mature network communication technology, I believe that future smart home related products will be the next engine to drive Weilin Electronics' growth.

Finally, Brainchild Electronics is expected to become an expert in providing customers with "Intelligent Industrial Control" and "Smart Home" solutions. Through our R&D capabilities, multi-products and organizational flexibility, we will respond to customers' needs in a timely manner and solve customer problems. I also hope that the company will continue to grow, share results and reach the peak in the future through the efforts of colleagues and in an atmosphere of unity and harmony!


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