Total : 8
  • Brainchild Software:
    DAQ、Historical Viewer、PanelStudio、BC-Set Pro、DLV
    BC software
  • Digital Datalogger, Temperature/Humidity record, logistic, food and medical storage. XHLogger series will come with USB, and Wi-Fi  and Cloud version.
  • Using Fuzzy + PID digital controller to shorter reacting time
  • Graphic Recorder/Video graphic Recorder/Data Logger/Data Acquisition(DAQ). Widely used to record measurement data over time, data storage and network connectivity. Also a Chart Recorder is a selection.

    Graphic Recorders
  • Five models in four sizes of 4.3", 7", 10" and 15" fits in most of the control consoles

  • I/O modules are used with HMI, Recorders and PLC

    I/O Modules
  • To build up a channel between PLC and other devices on the internet



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