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Networking products is a new family including Ethernet wireless converter PC-W, Ethernet converter PC-E, RS-485 to RS-232 converter SNA10A, and USB converter Uport 1150.  These networking devices are used for industrial environments.  The latest Ethernet wireless PC-W can work with all Brainchild’s instruments as well as other brands of instruments for wireless solution.  With standard antenna, it offers wireless communication for open space distance in 300 meters.  With extra high gain antenna, the distance can be extended to 800 meters.  The new device is also called wireless Ethernet converter, wireless Ethernet adapter, wireless Ethernet bridge, Ethernet converter and wireless Ethernet. More networking solution including GPRS/GSM wireless data acquisition system will be supplied by Brainchild soon.

For some applications to save the cost of wirings and labor, and for some applications wirings simply impossible, wireless devices are the right solution. Because of these reasons wireless instruments like wireless Ethernet converter, wireless Ethernet adapter, wireless Ethernet bridge, and wireless Ethernet, GPRS/GSM wireless data acquisition system are getting more and more popular in last few years, and widely accepted by industries of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, automotive, military, aerospace, electrical, gas utilities, water, wastewater, food, beverage, pulp & paper, metals, semiconductors, etc.


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