BrainChild Launches Wi-Fi Data Logger, Setting a New Milestone in Wireless Monitoring

BrainChild Electronics Co., Ltd. announces the release of the XH12 Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger. The XHLogger series was developed to meet the precise monitoring needs of cold chain logistics and warehouse environments, which typically require multiple sensing points. The XH12 is particularly well-suited for large warehouses, laboratories, and similar settings, providing real-time temperature and humidity data collection via Wi-Fi.

The XH12 Wi-Fi Data Logger boasts impressive data recording capabilities, capable of logging up to 79,000 temperature and humidity data points per project. Its standout feature is the wireless transmission capability, allowing users to send data directly to a PC or laptop using the DLV Data Logger Viewer (DLV) software via Wi-Fi. Developed in-house by BrainChild, the DLV software supports not only the XH12 but also other models like the XH10 and XH11. It features an intuitive user interface that can simultaneously monitor multiple XH12 devices and provide real-time alerts in case of anomalies, ensuring timely and accurate data handling. This makes it ideal for environments that require the management of multiple monitoring points, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The XH12 supports 2.4G Wi-Fi networks. In areas with weak network signals, the device can expand Wi-Fi coverage through signal boosters. Even if Wi-Fi connectivity is lost or the DLV software is not running, the XH12's data continuity feature ensures that unsynchronized data is automatically uploaded the next time it connects to the DLV, guaranteeing the integrity and continuity of data collection. This functionality makes it an indispensable tool for long-term monitoring.

The XH12 features an external sensor design with cable lengths of 1 or 2 meters, making it suitable for specialized environments such as refrigerated storage rooms in large retail stores, vaccine and drug storage refrigerators in hospitals, and exhibition halls or storage rooms in museums. Users can place the sensor head at the monitoring point while keeping the main unit outside, ensuring stable signal transmission and preventing heat generated by electronic equipment from affecting the monitored environment, thereby improving measurement accuracy.

BrainChild states that the launch of the XH12 Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger marks a significant breakthrough in wireless monitoring technology. The company aims to leverage its mature and stable technology to provide optimal solutions for large warehouses and other applications requiring high-precision environmental monitoring.

BrainChild Electronics is committed to developing innovative electronic products and solutions to enhance operational efficiency and data management across various industries. The introduction of the XH12 Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger not only showcases BrainChild's technical prowess but also underscores its leading position in the market.


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