Historical Viewer V4.61
Historical Viewer release version 4.61.
1.Support PR v1.50 or before version.
2.Add new function: add new function export *.csv,*.pdf,*.jpg can use mix tag log speed at manual mode.

Historical Viewer release version 4.60.
1.Support PR v1.50 or before version.
2.Bug fixed: the trend view will lose data for Historical Viewer.
3.Modify function: modify the max 4G size of event for Historical Viewer.
4.Modify function: modify the screen support 4K.
5.Modify function: trend viewer use raw data to display. 
6.Modify function: modify the e-mail group setting.
7.Modify function: modify the picture of trend size of print.
8.Modify function: modify the manual export *.csv database file will add line for 65535.
9.Modify function: modify function manu export data for *.csv,*.pdf,*.jpg.
10.Modify function: export event data by select tag list not support HMI.
11.Modify function: remove export excel target sort.
12.Modify function: select different log speed will disable the channel of display.
13.Modify function: change bank to import configure will not check difference project type.
14.Modify function: can not update configure during PR update configure flow.
15.Modify function: select job item for timer.
16.Modify function: modify display the data time for statistics cursor of trend.
17.Modify function: modify the default export select for export data.
18.Modify function: when switching from the value list to the circular, the direction of the single-step keys does not change.
19.Modify function: the display trend and value list will use virtual value for before PR v1.50, and the display trend and value list will use raw value for after PR v1.50.
20.Modify function: modify read report of realtime viewer.
21.Modify function: modify export interval form 1 to 120.
22.Modify function: modify export data count for excel and pdf.
23.Modify function: clear the remark list by clear data.
24.Add new function: add pdf format of Raw Data of export database.
25.Add new function: add printer of print title for Historical Viewer.
26.Add new function: add the select content of print title for Historical Viewer.
27.Add new function: add log speed check of page for PR configure.
28.Add new function: add new event item last month and select period for dump, clear, print historical data, print event list, print report list, output historical data.
29.Add new function: add new IO card AI183 for PR recorder.
30.Add new function: add select period start time and end time.
31.Add new function: add first select period function will auto display period start time and end time. 
32.Add new function: Chinese full-width font detection of Configure viewer.
33.When the FDA CFR-21 data is tampered with, the user is stopped to use this project.
34.Add new function: add auto import and export set time.
35.Add new function: add the select type of time for auto import and export.


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