Product Description

Brainchild is the expert of data recording and temperature controller for more than 40 years.

The XenMote data logger is a perfect solution for measuring and recording for temperature and humidity data at specified intervals ranging from once every 1 second, to once every 24 hours

Product Introduction
XH10 data logger user interface requires no programming skills, and enables the user effortlessly to select sampling rate, specify the user's ID, and initiate the start of data collection. There are four operation modes you can choose from to meet your operating application, they are USB mode, recording mode, monitoring mode, shut-down mode, respectively.
In addition, all data can be saved in a format easily read by spreadsheet applications and output in PDF format. It is our goal to bring you accurate, low-cost, easy-to-use data loggers that integrate easily into the user's working environment.


Minimum Typical Maximum
Battery Life >12 months
USB supply voltage (@500mA) 4.5Vdc 5Vdc 5.5Vdc
Operating temperature range -35℃~70℃
Logging period(user configurable) 1 sec 15 min 24 hrs
Transmission period(user configurable) 5 sec 1 hr 24 hrs
Temperature measurement range -20℃~70℃
Temperature measurement resolution 0.1℃
Temperature display resolution 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Humidity measurement range 5~95%RH
Humidity accuracy ±0.3%RH
IP rating IP65
Dimensions 65.1*70*23.25mm
Weight 82.1g(Battery included)


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