Product Description
The XH11 is a specialized external sensor designed for temperature and humidity monitoring, particularly well-suited for container transport scenarios. This sensor allows users to place it inside a container and conveniently read the data on the external LCD display of the XH11 unit while transporting.
PDF Data logger with external sensor prob
The XHLogger is a compact, portable device ideal for recording temperature and humidity. It provides temperature and humidity measurements suitable for various requirements and has multiple recording methods, data analysis capabilities, and report output functions. XHLogger supports two types of sensors: internal and external, which can be used in different locations for various monitoring applications.
•One-Key Start/Stop or set Start/Stop at a scheduled time.
• Set parameters, download PDF reports and supply power via the USB interface.
• Temperature and humidity statistical data.
• Provide temperature measurements in Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉).
• Temperature/humidity and device status on the LCD screen.
• Temperature and humidity data tracking.
• Configurable sampling rate.
• User-friendly software, DLV (Data Logger Viewer).
• High power efficiency.
• IP65 protection.
• Display Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).

Product Specifications

Power Supply USB/ER14250 Battery (1 year battery life @1 min. log interval)
USB Voltage (@500mA)  Min 4.5Vdc  Normal 5Vdc  Max. 5.5Vdc
Log Interval 1 sec~ 24 Hrs.
Temp. display resolution 0.1 °C /°F
Operating Range Temp.:-10°C (14°F) ~60°C (122°F)
Humditiy:10% RH~90% RH
Accuracy Temp.:0°C ~ 50°C (±0.3°C), Other s ±0.5°C
Humidity:20%~80%@25°C(±3%RH), Other s ±5%RH
Internal Memory Maximum can divide to 100 files (press start and stop as one file),
one file can contain a maximum of 79,872 logs, it can keep 200,192 logs in total.
Protective Class IP63
Dimensions 65.1*70*23.25mm
Weight 82.1g(Battery included)
Quick Start Manual_XH10_XH11Download
*if you want to use DLV, you will need to update the XHLogger's FW to version V1.1.0.23 or higher.
XH 11-□

The length of the sensor’s cord

1:  1M
2:  2M


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